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Böcherer Angewandte Informatik SendXMS® Download (new with VoIP support)

Select and download the software for the required operating. The downloaded Windows versions can be executed directly. For the other versions please unpacked the donwloaded archive file and then execute the unpacked file.

If you download this software you agree to our Conditions of License and Use. All files - offered here for download - are checked regularly with actual antivirus software.

Operating system (OS) Version MD5 checksum
SendXMS for FreeBSD (x86) V10.05 32 bit a994e94b777a1b8b4ba3943dc96e9158
SendXMS for FreeBSD (x86_64, x64, amd64) V10.05 64 bit 59b6de7005f52cfc2443c3819f908097
SendXMS for Linux (ARM32) (glibc ≥ 2.7) (e.g.: Raspberry) V10.05 32 bit 51dc6e6bb44002418dce9b6ab7c7d1a5
SendXMS for Linux (x86) (glibc ≥ 2.14) V10.05 32 bit 5c3a9e9b839e7d8cecbd7bd42359f6bd
SendXMS for Linux (x86) (glibc ≥ 2.7) V10.05 32 bit e28f1682bed4e441604d7c2b7f5939eb
SendXMS for Linux (x86) (glibc ≥ 2.4) V10.05 32 bit a841296dd307e26b8ee5884f4fa3bfd4
SendXMS for Linux (x86_64, x64, amd64) (glibc ≥ 2.14) V10.05 64 bit 772bed87d8dce6f21bd3ee650fec19d9
SendXMS for Linux (x86_64, x64, amd64) (glibc ≥ 2.7) V10.05 64 bit 7da1784d6d45ff067481f7c3e86aca2b
SendXMS for Linux (x86_64, x64, amd64) (glibc ≥ 2.4) V10.05 64 bit abe8194d1c0c62a986d04034db76a63d
SendXMS for MacOS (x86) V10.05 32 bit 3c049d8d4eabd41856a070b2f74a090a
SendXMS for MacOS (x86_64, x64, amd64) V10.05 64 bit 1e0ef1f38601ef84c23ddaa731b11c63
SendXMS for Solaris (x86) V10.05 32 bit 5e9a5a9f4b289e30bad987aa558fe282
SendXMS for Solaris (x86_64, x64, amd64) V10.05 64 bit f83db5a77cf96b8c29878a33fa4d9a8d
SendXMS for Windows (x86) V10.05 32 bit 7344ebe081b480546e0e10129f3910c0
SendXMS for Windows (x86_64, x64, amd64) V10.05 64 bit fbcac02a1923be82bb86c89ed775caa8

In case that you want to use an Android device in SendXMS you can also use our app ttySendXMS.