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Böcherer Angewandte Informatik SendXMS® Download

Select and download the software for the required operating. The downloaded Windows versions can be executed directly. For the other versions please unpacked the donwloaded archive file and then execute the unpacked file.

If you download this software you agree to our Conditions of License and Use. All files - offered here for download - are checked regularly with actual antivirus software.

Operating system (OS) Version MD5 checksum
SendXMS for AIX (Power) V9.11 32 bit 8f5f280e73d0aade15dc754baaa1289d
SendXMS for FreeBSD (x86) V9.11 32 bit c9e534a3051fbaa7286d9be0bc91b7f2
SendXMS for FreeBSD (x86_64, x64, amd64) V9.11 64 bit 42bf0c994a3d728172e05dc15b1819ab
SendXMS for FreeBSD (SPARC64) V9.11 64 bit 7f279ce1798f5fb1a203a43f61c7c377
SendXMS for Linux (ARM32) (glibc ≥ 2.04) (e.g.: Raspberry) V9.11 32 bit 46ebb1fd00959be879469b4e3486ada5
SendXMS for Linux (x86) (glibc ≥ 2.04) V9.11 32 bit 08c421ce28ccae0188991f5fcd2a3917
SendXMS for Linux (x86_64, x64, amd64) (glibc ≥ 2.14) V9.11 64 bit 303ca0d0a6a6f906f809c157a9c98705
SendXMS for Linux (x86_64, x64, amd64) (glibc ≥ 2.04) V9.11 64 bit d2a16f1a586d17325317d22a09ffdf5b
SendXMS for MacOS (Power) V9.11 32 bit 60cba2f052f6ac99569a06806621ae91
SendXMS for MacOS (x86) V9.11 32 bit e5afdc6ed04ecce614a472ec9e5d5d0a
SendXMS for MacOS (x86_64, x64, amd64) V9.11 64 bit 19180abbccc3df6e273acb30a68c6280
SendXMS for Solaris (x86) V9.11 32 bit b98d4bbc429e95aaca0aa362c7fcc800
SendXMS for Solaris (x86_64, x64, amd64) V9.11 64 bit 12d9cbaeea1e1e2cfd4f5a512dce73e1
SendXMS for Solaris (SPARC32) V9.11 32 bit e9712467ab7e99667a99908a4a8487f8
SendXMS for Solaris (SPARC64) V9.11 64 bit 3022b3570f66eccaa66cd111347877fc
SendXMS for Windows (x86) V9.11 32 bit adb4555fdde40de58729e441854aff41
SendXMS for Windows (x86_64, x64, amd64) V9.11 64 bit 4abfaebc7786a635de75d0eb6600dbcf

In case that you want to use an Android device in SendXMS you can also use our app ttySendXMS.