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Böcherer Angewandte Informatik SendXMS® Order

To order you simply have to fill out this form and to confirm your selections using the button Continue. In case that the billing address is not equal to the address of the licensee please specify the licensee (company name, address and phone) in the comment field.

After checking and accepting your order we will send you a sales confirmation/invoice (payment method: wire transfer).

licence fee (one licence for use on one computer)
Product Licence 12 months maintenance Update
SendXMS-Standard-Edition 225.00 EUR 110.00 EUR 75.00 EUR
SendXMS-Server-Edition 565.00 EUR 280.00 EUR 190.00 EUR
SendXMS-Professional-Edition 1230.00 EUR 615.00 EUR 410.00 EUR
SendXMS-VXMSC-Edition (price per year) 4095.00 EUR incl. incl.

Product choice
1) 2) 2) 2+3)
1) phone number of used line, for Professional-Edition and higher local IP address of the used computer; 2) L=Licence, M=12 months maintenance, U=Update; 3) Update only for actual and previous major release possible

Billing address
* *
* 4)
May we use yours/the licensees company name in our reference list? yes no
4) only within the EU; *) required


You order according to the Conditions of License and Use of Böcherer Angewandte Informatik.