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Böcherer Angewandte Informatik SendXMS® History

V11.03 (2024-05-03)

  • bug fix: possible crash while receiving SMPP messages fixed
  • libmng updated (zlib 1.2.11 -> 1.3)
  • libmicrohttpd updated (0.9.73 -> 0.9.77)
  • libre (2.0.1 -> 3.4.0, libtommath 1.2.0 -> 1.2.1)
  • some minor improvements

V11.02 (2023-09-27)

  • bug fix: error using a VOIP connection over a non-default network interface fixed
  • extension: support for Advantech SmartFlex modems (and maybe others) added (new Parameter IgnoreCSMS=True in device definiton)
  • some minor improvements

V11.01 (2022-04-01)

  • extension: support for monitoring software using metrics (e.g. Prometheus) added
  • extension: compatibility to OpenSSL 3 added
  • libre updated
  • libiconv updated
  • bug fix: error using parameter SpoolSort fixed
  • bug fix: performance optimized using SSL (Windows)
  • some minor improvments

V10.18 (2021-07-10)

  • bug fix: problem with destination numbers in national format fixed (only protocols GSM and ES201912_1)
  • some minor improvments

V10.17 (2021-03-15)

  • extension: new parameter DataOverVoip (in sendxms.pro) to enable data over VoIP mode for the corresponding provider definition (without using any additional hardware)
  • extension: new parameter DlrOnlyForFirstSegment (in sendxms.pro) to request Status Reports only for the first segment of a long SMS
  • bug fix: installation as a service corrected (only Windows)
  • bug fix: reassembling of long messages corrected (possible failure if the several segments will be received over different connections)
  • some minor improvments

V10.16 (2020-08-03)

  • bug fix: wrong encoding of special characters (umlauts) in alphanumeric originating address fixed
  • extension: new parameter SslServerNameIndication (in sendxms.pro) to use OpenSSL's SNI extension (for servers hosting multiple domains)
  • extension: support for Windows Certificate Store (reading the default root certificates) using OpenSSL on Windows added
  • some minor improvments

V10.15 (2020-04-24)

  • bug fix: performance problem when starting a child process (e.g. a shell script or a binary executable as an userexit)
  • extension: monitoring of child processes (e.g. using parameter MaxAllowedConnections) improved (actually this must be manually activated in the cfg file (CheckProcessStarttime=True))
  • some minor improvments

V10.14 (2020-01-21)

  • bug fix: PIN, PUK with more then 7 digits are now possible (using a GSM device)
  • some minor improvments

V10.13 (2019-12-01)

  • bug fix: possible wrong interpretation of SMPP Bind command
  • some minor improvments

V10.12 (2019-09-12)

  • extension: using SMPP messages can now also be received in more different encodings (UCS2, 8bit, IA5 (new), Latin1 (new) and the configured provider specific TransTable)
  • bug fix: VoIP quality improved (Windows)
  • bug fix: conversion of audio codecs improved
  • bug fix: error in sample cgi script fixed
  • some minor bug fixes

V10.11 (2019-02-06)

  • bug fix: AT+CPIN problem fixed (only using AtOverEthernet with a GSM device)
  • extension: support for GSM devices with AT#SPCM command (Telit) to use it also as a voice modem (DeviceType=Voice‑Modem (Telit_SPCM))
  • some minor bug fixes

V10.10 (2019-01-23)

  • bug fix: UCS-2 (16 bit) messages did not work using UAP
  • bug fix: memory leak, if spool files are NOT UTF-8 encoded
  • some minor bug fixes

V10.09 (2018-11-24)

  • extension: better telnet compatibility (using AtOverEthernet=Telnet)
  • extension: trying to automatically detect the (server's) used STUN RFC
  • libre updated
  • bug fix: missing dll error fixed (only using VoIP on Windows (x86))
  • some minor bug fixes

V10.08 (2018-08-07)

  • bug fix: error in creating unique file names (only Windows) fixed

V10.07 (2018-07-19)

  • bug fix: reassembling of long messages corrected (possible failure if the single segments will be received over different connections)
  • workaround: MariaDB ODBC driver seems to be buggy. As a workaround we try to recognize usage of this driver (maodbc.dll/libmaodbc.so) and to handle it different. This can be explicitly forced/disabled by setting UseMaOdbcWorkaround=true or UseMaOdbcWorkaround=false in sendxms.cfg chapter[ODBC]. The better choice is to use myODBC (>= 5.3) even with MariaDB.
  • some minor bug fixes

V10.06 (2018-04-19)

  • bug fix: CallingPartyNumber (using CAPI) without setting a MSN
  • bug fix: problem with Java userexit (using an old UserexitVersion) fixed
  • some minor bug fixes

V10.05 (2018-02-06)

  • extension: support for STUN added
  • bug fix: crash after failure in VOIP initialization fixed

V10.04 (2017-09-18)

  • bug fix: fixed line SMS and voice messages using CAPI are working again
  • bug fix: parameter DialPrefix will now also work for VoIP devices
  • bug fix: possible problem using UCP[51] without setting UseOtoa=True fixed

V10.03 (2017-08-01)

  • bug fix: some minor bugs fixed

V10.02 (2017-07-24)

  • extension: new parameter SipRegistrationInterval (in sendxms.cfg chapter [Device]) for configuaring a reregister interval
  • bug fix: demo version is working again
  • bug fix: VoIP is now also running on Solaris
  • bug fix: system specific DNS extension enabled (MacOS)

V10.01 (2017-07-20)

  • extension: support for VoIP (fixed-line SMS, DTMF and Voice messages) added (DeviceType=VoIP in sendxms.cfg chapter [Device])
  • extension: new parameters AlwaysRegister, Domain, DtmfTransfer and RtpPorts in sendxms.cfg chapter [Device] to configure a VoIP account
  • extension: support for optional TLV field receipted_message_id (SMPP) added
  • libxms replaced by libiconv and libmng

V9.11 (2016-10-21)

  • extension: compatibility to OpenSSL 1.1.x added
  • extension: processing of command line parameters modified (-X parameters should now be specified as -- (e.g.: --DCS= instead of -XDCS=))
  • some minor bug fixes

V9.10 (2016-10-01)

  • extension: parameter MaxSplit can now also be defined per provider definition
  • bug fix: some problems in ODBC interface fixed
  • bug fix: additional validation for EMS UDH information elements added

V9.09 (2016-08-09)

  • extension: new parameter EnableVersionCheck=true in chapter [SendXMS] in sendxms.cfg to check one time a day for a new SendXMS version (just checking and logging, no automatic installation)
  • extension: support for Oracle added (for internal spool API)
  • extension: some workarounds for faulty MariaDB Connector/ODBC added (for internal spool API)
  • bug fix: error in UCP session management using last version V9.08
  • bug fix: writing statistics using the internal spool API did sometimes not work
  • bug fix: problem with wildcard in black-/whitelist entries fixed

V9.08 (2016-03-22)

  • extension: format for filter definitions (regex) extended, now it is also possible to specify some modifiers (i, g, c for ignore case, global, continue)
  • extension: new parameter alphanumericOadcEncoding in sendxms.pro to specify a special character encoding for alphanumeric originating addresses (only SMPP)
  • extension: new parameters CallingPartyInFilter, CallingPartyOutFilter, CalledPartyInFilter, CalledPartyOutFilter in chapter [Device] in sendxms.pro
  • bug fix: recording voice calls using NetCAPI (AVM, Bintec) does work again
  • no more support for CapiCalledPartyNumberTonNpi and CapiCallingPartyNumberTonNpi parameters (if really required use CallingPartyInFilter, CallingPartyOutFilter, CalledPartyInFilter and/or, CalledPartyOutFilter instead)
  • a lot of code cleanup (concerning all parts with TON/NPI)
  • parameter LongDistancePrefix can now be set to an empty string (for countrys not using any national trunk prefix (e.g: Denmark, Greece, Norway, ...)
  • many minor bug fixes

V9.07 (2016-01-27)

  • extension: additional chapter [SetEnv] in sendxms.cfg to add or change environment variables
  • bug fix: accepting incoming TCP connections did not work sometimes

V9.06 (2015-12-01)

  • extension: precision of throughput control improved
  • bug fix: possible problem using internal NetCAPI (Windows only))
  • bug fix: possible problem with DTMF recognition (CAPI only))

V9.05 (2015-11-20)

  • extension: support for UTF-16 encoded messages added (Emojis)
  • bug fix: possible deadlock while executing an userexit with UserexitVersion=5 and using WindowSize (script/batch or executable (not a shared object/DLL))
  • bug fix: some compatibilty issues for OneAPI fixed
  • bug fix: wrong encoding of alphanumeric originating address (more then 8 characters) fixed (UCP only)

V9.04 (2015-10-01)

  • extension: support for Open file description locks added (Unix, Linux only)
  • extension: tried to build a work around theoretically possible file locking problem (too many locked files) using Advisory record locking (Unix, Linux only)
  • extension: better support for special CDMA/TDMA data encodings (SMPP only)
  • bug fix: wrong interpretation of message_payload length for binary data in data_sm fixed (SMPP only)
  • bug fix: wrong interpretation of (relative) validity period fixed

V9.03 (2015-07-27)

  • some modifications to be more compatible with new T-Mobile software (TAP)
  • many modifications/corrections for HTML pages

V9.02 (2015-04-22)

  • extension: support for SIP Extension for Instant Messaging (RFC3428) added (experimental)
  • extension: logfile monitoring improved
  • bug fix: additional (internal) timeout for connect() system call added

V9.01 (2015-02-25)

  • bug fix: some compatibility issues for OneAPI fixed
  • bug fix: format of spool file names corrected (on some 64-bit platforms)

V9.00 (2014-10-13)

  • extension: support for submit_multi for MMS and SMPP, CIMD and ONEAPI_SMS
  • extension: recipients phone number can be specified multiple times for a message
  • extension: new parameter MaxRecipients in sendxms.pro (1-256) added, to specify the max allowed count of recipients per submit
  • extension: support for Digest authentication added (only for HTTP based protocols and only for client connections)
  • extension: new parameter HttpAuthType in sendxms.pro (Basic or Digest) added
  • many internal improvments

V8.29 (2014-09-12)

  • extension: format of character translation tables changed
  • extension: support for National Language Tables (single and locking shift mechanism) added (see 3GPP TS 23.038)
  • extension: support for EMI-UCP 4.7 (additional support for TON/NPI (longer phone numbers))
  • extension: support for billing_identification (TLV tag 0x60B; SMPP 5.0) added
  • bug fix: problem with receiving MM7 messages fixed
  • bug fix: problem with analog voice modem fixed (sending multiple voice messages at once)
  • bug fix: receiving voice messages using the internal remote CAPI (AVM or Bintec) did not work

V8.28 (2014-06-01)

  • extension: support for OneAPI Payment added

V8.27 (2014-05-01)

  • extension: new parameter SpoolSort in sendxms.cfg added. With this parameter you can influence in which order spool files will be processed (sorted by name (Name), by modification time (Time) or unsorted (None))
  • GUI installer updated (now also supporting 64-bit Java)
  • Windows thread handling changed
  • many internal enhancements in Visual-XMS
  • bug fix: reinitializing a SendXMS instance is working again
  • bug fix: wrong Content-Location header has been generated when converting a SMIL file
  • bug fix: bug in internal ODBC interface fixed (wrong size for SQLBIGINT)

V8.26 (2014-03-03)

  • extension: support for OneAPI Location added
  • extension: support for OneAPI Capability added
  • bug fix: (concurrent) creating a directory sometimes did not work
  • bug fix: some minor bugs fixed

V8.25 (2014-01-30)

  • bug fix: possible dead lock fixed (only using our buildin implementation of RemoteCapi for AVM)
  • bug fix: handle leak (Windows only (only ETSI ES 201 912)) fixed
  • bug fix: high CPU load when reading corrupt spool files fixed
  • bug fix: problem with CLIR for CAPI fixed

V8.24 (2013-09-06)

  • bug fix: problem with temp. test version fixed (evaluation period expired)

V8.23 (2013-08-16)

  • bug fix: problem with recipient numbers not specified in international format fixed

V8.22 (2013-08-06)

  • extension: now it is also possible to use an userexit written in Java (executing directly a Java class)
  • extension: support for OneAPI v2 (older version) added
  • bug fix: validation of SSL certificates improved
  • bug fix: some minor bugs in SMS over HTTP fixed
  • bug fix: possible wrong split count in spool file fixed

V8.21 (2013-06-17)

  • extension: support for SCTP added
  • extension: new spool file parameters Template, TemplatePrefix and TemplateSuffix to reduce disk storage usage for a message campaign
  • extension: sample PERL script to generate simple statistic charts added
  • bug fix: problem with long SMPP PDUs (using message_payload) fixed
  • bug fix: system load for provider definitions whith Detach=Receive reduced
  • bug fix: wrong 7-bit CodeScheme (UAP) fixed
  • bug fix: problem in Visual-XMS fixed (parameters containg spaces have been truncated)

V8.20 (2013-03-06)

  • extension: support for OneAPI (based on Parlay) added

V8.19 (2012-11-23)

  • extension: new parameter Alias in sendxms.cfg to specify alternative names for a provider definition (e.g.: Alias=T-Mobile for D1)
  • bug fix: throughput control improved
  • bug fix: wrong segment size calculation fixed (TAP only)

V8.18 (2012-07-17)

  • extension: internal modifications to make system more robust against time corrections (e.g. ntp)
  • extension: new parameter MsnIn in chapter [Device] in sendxms.cfg to select one or more specific phone numbers (instead of all numbers) for which incoming calls should be accepted (only CAPI)
  • extension: new parameter CapiConnectResponseDelay in chapter [Device] in sendxms.cfg to specify a delay for a CAPI device before an incomming call will be accepted/rejected
  • extension: new parameters CapiCalledPartyNumberTonNPI and CapiCallingPartyNumberTonNPI in chapter [Device] in sendxms.cfg to specify special default TON/NPI values for a CAPI device
  • extension: new parameter Umask in chapter [SendXMS] in sendxms.cfg to specify a process specific umask value (only Linux/Unix)

V8.17 (2012-05-15)

  • extension: now it is possible to wait for incoming calls to receive DTMF messages (only using CAPI)
  • bug fix: receiving multiple DTMF charcters at once did sometimes not work correctly
  • bug fix: licence validating did sometimes not work in some special configurations

V8.16 (2012-02-17)

  • bug fix: bug in installation program fixed (crashed on some systems (e.g. Windows Server))
  • bug fix: some corrections for UAP
  • some minor fixes

V8.15 (2012-01-11)

  • bug fix: interpreting of empty (incoming) UCP messages corrected
  • bug fix: setup program failed sometimes on some platforms

V8.14 (2011-11-10)

  • extension: support for UAP (USSD Service Protocol (Huawei)) added
  • extension: new parameter MessageStorages in chapter [Device] to define a comma separated list of message storages to read incoming messages from (only GSM 07.05)
  • bug fix: parameter StartTime did not work in some configurations
  • extension: support for 'AT over Ethernet'; now it is also possible to use Telnet protocol (AtOverEthernet=Telnet)

V8.13 (2011-07-13)

  • bug fix: possible crash fixed (when a message should be marked as unsent)
  • bug fix: invalid userexit handling (HARDWARE_PROBLEM) fixed
  • bug fix: invalid KeepAlive handling (HTTP) fixed
  • some minor internal optimisations

V8.12 (2011-06-24)

  • extension: different encodings for SMS over HTTP now possible (just define something like Encoding=iso-8859-15 in the provider definition)
  • extension: support for 'AT over Ethernet' added; now you can also use a (GSM) modem device which is connected via Ethernet

V8.11 (2011-05-24)

  • bug fix: termination problem (waiting for thread...) fixed (only Windows)
  • bug fix: standard installation path corrected (only 64 bit Windows)
  • documentation format changed from XHTML to HTML5

V8.10 (2011-05-10)

  • extension: support for remote distribution list names added (only SMPP)
  • some internal optimisations

V8.09 (2011-03-01)

  • extension: now every SNMP notification type uses another OID (instead of the CAUSE varbinding); Attention: the file bai.mib is no more compatible with the previous one
  • extension: new parameter maxAllowedConnections (in sendxms.pro) to limit the number of simultaneous incomming connections (only VXMSC-Edition)
  • bug fix: locking problem in internal ODBC interface fixed (sendxms.mysql and sendxms.mssql changed)
  • extension: new parameter ProcessPriorities (in sendxms.pro) to define specific priorities (SpoolfilePriorities) to be processed using this provider definition
  • bug fix: memory allocation error fixed (only for receiving large MM7 messages)
  • bug fix: invalid date format in UCP DLR fixed (only VXMSC-Edition)
  • bug fix: invalid RSN format in UCP DLR fixed (only VXMSC-Edition)

V8.08 (2010-11-15)

  • bug fix: file locking problem fixed
  • bug fix: error reading (converting) GIF files fixed (double free)
  • bug fix: error in reading binary content fixed (e.g. UTF-8 coded vCards)

V8.07 (2010-09-07)

  • extension: new parameter NoDisturbTime (in sendxms.pro) to define times at which no messages (with DoNotDisturb=true set) should be sent
  • extension: new parameter DoNotDisturb=true (in spool file)
  • bug fix: WTP connection problem fixed (core dump if other side does not support WSP)
  • bug fix: phone number format in generated statistics corrected (if phone starts with TON and NPI)

V8.06 (2010-08-01)

  • extension: new chapter [Whitelist] (in sendxms.cfg); if both White- and a Blacklist are specified the Whitelist has preference
  • extension: handling of SMPP parameter sequence number changed. SendXMS will always use the correct range for the sequence number, but if the other side is using a wrong range, this value will also be used in the corresponding response
  • extension: handling of parameter Controller= (CAPI) changed. If this parameter is NOT defined for a CAPI device all available controllers will be used (instead of Controller=1 before)
  • extension: internal implementation for [Blacklist] changed (and also indication for a Prefix value changed)
  • extension: workaround for bug in CAPIoTCP on Fritzbox 7390 added
  • some internal changes in our CAPI implementation

V8.05 (2010-07-01)

  • just some internal optimisations

V8.04 (2010-05-26)

  • extension: new parameter DtmfDuration sendxms.pro to specify the duration of a DTMF tone to be sent
  • extension: new parameter DtmfGap sendxms.pro to specify duration of a gap between two DTMF tones
  • extension: support for (some) CDMA modems added
  • bug fix: problem receiving multiple fixed line SMS connections simultaneously
  • bug fix: problem saving incoming messages with alphanumeric originating Address (with some special characters)

V8.03 (2010-02-05)

  • extension: SendXMS is now also running on a Nokia N900 (Maemo5/Fremantle)
  • bug fix: CPU load reduced (using SNMP (PingTrap))
  • bug fix: automatic selection of correct MMS provider did not work (using a GSM device)
  • bug fix: problem using a GSM modem (with a detached process) after a power break
  • bug fix: problem using a group file (wrong error message "multiple recipients not allowed")

V8.02 (2009-11-16)

  • extension: new parameter SwapDlrAddresses sendxms.pro to swap recipient and sender addresses in a received status report (only MM7)
  • extension: new parameter VerifyPeer in chapter [SSL] in sendxms.cfg to specify whether a client ceritificate should be requested (validating the client)
  • extension: now it is possible to define per provider definition another SSL certificate (new parameters SslCertFile, SslKeyFile and SslPassword which overwrite the defaullt settings from sendxms.cfg
  • extension: new spool file parameter UssdServiceCode (only SMPP and CIMD)
  • bug fix: problem with some time formats fixed (daylight saving time)
  • bug fix: accepting SSL connections (without inetd) did not work
  • bug fix: sometimes authentication problems with specific HTTP (MM7) connections
  • bug fix: problem reading messages from a SIM card and using also other provider definitions without a permanent connection
  • bug fix: error with locking messages (only MS-SQL)
  • bug fix: bad definition for stored procedure WriteLocalId in spoolapi.mssql

V8.01 (2009-10-16)

  • bug (core dump) using a version lower then the Professional-Edition fixed
  • bug in reading XML files with a BOM (Byte Order Mask) fixed
  • bug in receiving fixed line SMS fixed

V8.00 (2009-10-05)

  • VXMSC-Edition does now also accept incoming messages to multiple recipients
  • support for Microsoft SQL Server for internal ODBC spool API added
  • new chapter [SNMP] for configuring SNMPv2 traps (notification) to be sent
  • example added how to use our proprietary HTTP protocol with Twitter
  • bug in proprietary HTTP protocol fixed (which caused a core dump)
  • new parameter CachePhonebook (sendxms.cfg chapter [SendXMS]) to cache the phonebook aliases (only meaningful for special installations)
  • new parameter Phonebook (sendxms.cfg chapter [SendXMS]) to define the phonebook, can be overwritten using the command line option -b
  • new parameter MaxSplit (sendxms.cfg chapter [SendXMS]) to define a default max. number of parts to use for a long (concatenated) SMS, can be overwritten using the command line option -N
  • some minor bugs fixed

V7.16 (2009-07-28)

  • WBXML compiler extended with new WLAN tags
  • receiving UCP messages using the Professional-Edition is working again
  • bug in libxms.dll (only Windows) fixed, converting images and sound files is working again

V7.15 (2009-07-07)

  • new format value SMIL for XMSConv command line parameter -F to select MMS format and to force generation of a simple SMIL file
  • some minor corrections for MM1
  • new parameter Chat (sendxms.cfg chapter [PPP]) to define the path to the system utility chat (only Unix)
  • two new sample files (C and Perl) to demonstrate how to extract attachments from a received MMS
  • this version is running again on Windows 2000 systems (last versions have had an unresolved reference to freeaddrinfo)
  • system load reduced (compared to V7.14)

V7.14 (2009-04-06)

  • proprietary (Microsoft) extensions to OMA Client Provisionining updated
  • LocalIdDir does now also work together with StatisticDir=/dev/null
  • bug in decoding very short MMSs (EAIF) fixed
  • HTML format of doc files corrected

V7.13 (2009-03-19)

  • CPU load for MMS protocols reduced
  • bug in HTTP protocol (MM7) fixed (caused an delay after a disconnect)
  • processing of long messages (MMS) optimized
  • memory leak fixed (using an userexit with UserexitVersion < 5)

V7.12 (2009-03-12)

  • internal ODBC spool API changed a little bit to be more comaptible with other (than MySQL) database systems (if you are using this API you have to unload the data, to recreate the tables/functions and to reload your data)
  • support for PostgreSQL for internal ODBC spool API added
  • new parameter LockFunction=fcntl|flock (sendxms.cfg chapter [SendXMS] to select the locking method for files (where available)
  • new command line parameter -aClean for cleaning spool directories (removing old files) added (be very carefully)
  • new parameter LocalIdDir (sendxms.pro) added for mapping (user defined) LocalIds to (SMSC) MsgIds
  • support for Windows (x86_64) added
  • support for FreeBSD (x86_64) added
  • support for Solaris (x86_64) added
  • support for MacOS (x86_64) added
  • support for Solaris (SPARC64) added
  • bug in loading Linux new CAPI (symbol lookup error) fixed
  • bug in program reinitialization (only Windows) fixed
  • TAP response codes will now be interpreted (for protocol version ≥ 1.6)
  • bug in decoding very short MMSs fixed
  • bug (only Windows (what else...)) in loading new versions of OpenSSL fixed


  • no new features, just some small corrections and enhancements


  • bug in WSP decoding fixed


  • format for phonebook and group files extended to define entries depending on the actual time/date (example:
    (this phonebook entry will only be valid in the year 2008))
  • new preconfigured provider definitions for CityRuf
  • support for CIMD tag 062 (status error code) added


  • SSL connection can now also accept certificates with wildcards
  • new parameter AcceptSelfSignedCertificates (sendxms.cfg chapter [SSL]) added


  • support for receiving UUS messages
  • Java installer updated to IzPack 4.0.1
  • Visual-XMS modified so that it will run again using Java 5.0 (but we still recommend an actual Java version)
  • PID file can now also be specified within the .cfg file
  • bug fixed when using the command line arguments -f and -g together


  • new (proprietary) SMS protocol HTTP added
  • new parameters OkFilter, ErrorFilter, MsgidFilter and NoHttpAuthorization (sendxms.pro) added for protocol HTTP
  • used system function for file locking changed (only on BSD systems)
  • bug in WSP decoding fixed
  • bug in interpreting some specific date formats fixed
  • bug when running as a Windows service (using a user without sufficient acces rights) fixed
  • bug with UNC directory names fixed


  • bug in terminating a thread (using windowing) fixed
  • some minor changes for better compatibility with some non standard conforming MMSCs


  • format for time parameters (ValidityPeriod, DeferredDelivery) changed from hhmmDDMMYYYY to YYYYMMDDhhmmss (the format can be changed by setting TimeFormat in the .cfg file)
  • new parameter TimeFormat (in sendxms.cfg) for setting a different time format (ValidityPeriod, DeferredDelivery); using TimeFormat=%H%M%d%m%Y will change back to the former standard format
  • bug with optional SMPP parameter message_payload fixed
  • some minor corrections/extensions


  • support for AVMs NetCAPI (CAPIoTCP) added (also for Linux, Unix, MaxOS)
  • "broken pipe" problem fixed when called userexit (UserexitVersion=5) died
  • problem with SMS for ISDN in server mode fixed (only first message arrived the destination)
  • problem with spool file priorization fixed


  • some minor corrections/extensions (samples and .ctt files)


  • problem with -q parameter fixed (using a value > 0 disabled all providers except the first definition in the .pro file)
  • minor bug in sample xmshash.c fixed


  • new chapter ODBC (in sendxms.cfg) to define data for a ready to use SQL spool interface (via ODBC)
  • writing of statistic-/billing data added; new parameter StatisticDir (in sendxms.cfg)
  • new UserexitVersion (5); the userexit will now receive one complete spool file instead of many different parameters; support for the parameter UserexitVersion will be cancelled starting with the next major release
  • structure of installation directory changed (sample, doc and ctt directory added)
  • new sample source (xmshash.c) added to installation packages for usage with new userexit version (split spool file into single fields via a hash table)
  • problem with sending MMS via a GSM device without a defined PIN fixed
  • problem with reading very long spool files fixed
  • handling of prioritized spool files changed


  • new parameter PLMN (in sendxms.pro) to specify the PLMN (for MM1 provider definitions)
  • new parameter IMSI (in sendxms.cfg) to specify the IMSI (for GSM devices)
  • problem with some old GSM devices fixed
  • problem with relative time periods in SMPP fixed


  • support for MM1 (MMS via a GSM device; WAP 1.x and 2.0) added
  • new parameter APN (in sendxms.pro) to specify the Access Point name for a MMS provider (MM1)
  • new parameter PppMmsProfile (in sendxms.cfg chapter [Device]) to initiate a MMS connection added
  • problem with unfreed memory fixed


  • problem with test version fixed


  • support for UDP added
  • setting of deferred delivery date for MM1, EAIF fixed
  • bug in spool file locking fixed
  • bug in windowing fixed


  • problem with a masterspace as the last character of a message fixed
  • Visual-XMS requires now Java 6.0 or higher
  • some minor bugs fixed


  • support for Fixed network Multimedia Messaging Service (F-MMS)
  • new chapter [PPP] (in sendxms.cfg) to configure PPP connections
  • new parameter PppPhone (in sendxms.pro) to define a phone number to dial for a PPP connections
  • new parameter IpUp (in sendxms.pro) to (optionaly) start a script after a PPP connection has been established (to configure routing)
  • new parameter PppInit (in sendxms.cfg, chapter [Device]) to define additional initialization for PPP connections
  • new parameter SetMsn (in sendxms.cfg, chapter [Device]) to define a command to select the MSN/CallingPartyNumber for a call
  • new value PPP_TCP for parameter LineType (in sendxms.pro) to use PPP connections
  • logic of selfextracting setup changed (setup failed on systems which mounted /tmp as 'noexec')
  • SendXMS is now able to accept multiple (Fixedline SMS) connections simultaneously within one single instance
  • bug in respooling a message fixed
  • bug in starting child processes (Detach=) fixed (Unix, Linux)
  • parameter SIMPhone (in sendxms.cfg, chapter [Device]) renamed to Phone


  • support for optional SMPP parameter ms_msg_wait_facilities added
  • new parameter WspEncodingVersion in sendxms.pro for usage with EAIF, MM1
  • bug in EAIF protocol stack fixed
  • new parameter -XWithMicrosoftExtensions=true to enable proprietary (Microsoft) extensions to OMA Client Provisionining
  • new API introduced to replace the standard spool file handling (now you can specify your own functions which can for example read/write to a database)


  • memory allocation error (only with UCS2 messages) fixed


  • bug in charcter conversion fixed (which resulted on some systems to process no output)
  • possible usage of wrong source port with TCP connections fixed
  • new download archive format


  • internal encoding switched to UTF-8 (all files, userexit parameters, ...)
  • new format for character translation table
  • support for OMA Digital Rights Management (DRM) 1.0 added
  • some (many) bugs in WSP headers fixed
  • complete new XML compiler
  • new parameter -XNokiaWbxmlBug=true to fix a problem with Content Provisioning to Series 40 phones (settings could not be saved)


  • test version is now working again


  • performance optimized
  • new parameter AdcInFilter, AdcOutFilter, OadcInFilter, OadcOutFilter added to sendxms.pro to define a list of filters (using regular expressions) to modify incoming/outgoing numbers
  • bug with parameter MaxThroughput fixed (caused a deadlock)
  • possible buffer overflow in MMS protocols fixed
  • problem with installations in a directory with a space in its name fixed
  • bug in Java installer (only Unix) fixed (created an invalid device definition for modems)


  • some minor bugs fixed


  • SendXMS is now able to accept incoming IP connections directly (inetd no more required but still possible)
  • new values for parameter Detach= (in sendxms.pro) to accept incoming connections as a SME (AcceptXME) or a VXMSC (AcceptVXMSC)
  • new parameters DetachQueueDelay and DetachUserexit in sendxms.pro to define for each provider an individual queue delay and/or userexit (if defined the command line values will be overwritten)
  • bug with running as a service fixed (couldn't call userexit if path name contained a space) (only Windows)
  • bug with installing as a service fixed (only Windows)


  • support for OMA Device Management (SyncML DM) Notifikation Initiation package (package#0)
  • new parameter NoOverlappedIO in device definition (sendxms.cfg), because of problems with some USB to serial drivers (for example Nokias driver for DKU-2 cable) (only Windows)
  • bug using Windowing fixed
  • bug with encoding (umlauts) of WAP-Push messages fixed
  • bug with spooled messages with a (local) deferred start time fixed
  • bug in sending DTMF using a voice modem fixed


  • library mismatch in 6.29 installation archives fixed


  • bug in 64-bit executables fixed (SMPP and Bintec authentication)
  • bug in creating UnsentDir fixed
  • bug in compiling (recognising) si and sl documents fixed


  • some minor bugs fixed (running as a Windows service)
  • support for FreeBSD (SPARC) added
  • HP-UX version again up to date


  • bug in UCP with DCS values which do NOT specify a message class fixed
  • bug with phone numbers including TON and NPI fixed


  • support for SSL added (OpenSSL 0.9.8 required)
  • support for IPv6 added
  • bug in asynchronous mode fixed (Windowing started too late)
  • Visual-XMS requires now Java 5.0 or higher
  • bug in calculating HMac fixed
  • bug in interpreting ctt files (extended GSM character set) fixed
  • all installation packages are now self extracting archives


  • support for EAIF
  • server mode now also again possible with TAP connections
  • problem (only Windows) with serial attached devices fixed


  • UDH problem fixed (lost when reading a spool file)


  • some setup problems fixed


  • support for MM7
  • SMEP protocol and SMTP[ConVisual] replaced by MM7
  • bug in converting EMS4 pictures fixed
  • service logic (running as a Windows service) changed; services installed with an older version have to be reinstalled
  • bug in using rotating log files ($d) fixed
  • bug in calling userexit for DLR (SMPP) fixed (message state was wrong)
  • additional bit used in parameter LogLevel for the message 'looking for messages on...' (using a GSM device)
  • spool file format for voice messages changed (no more additional .dat file)


  • some minor bugs fixed


  • new (Java based) installation program with graphical front end for all platforms
  • checksum validation for UCP and CIMD added
  • memory allocation error fixed
  • packet numbering is now in the right order even with Windowing
  • parameter LogFile (sendxms.cfg) defaults now to 'sendxms.log', use '/dev/null' to suppress the logging
  • bug with compiling m-notification-ind fixed


  • additional link with static name to rotating log file added (not for Winodws)
  • problem (buffer overflow) with illegal recipient phone number (adC) fixed
  • some enhancements for e*Message protocols


  • memory allocation error fixed
  • problem with group files fixed


  • Solaris version is now running again
  • Visual-XMS is now running again with the test version


  • some minor bugs fixed
  • new problem with Siemens OTA download using XMSConv fixed


  • priorisation of spool files now possible
  • much better support for different charsets and for UCS-2 messages
  • XMSConv now also generates UCS-2 messages for EMS and/or Nokia Smart Messaging
  • new SendXMS command line parameters -z and -Z to specify the character encoding of a given message or to select a DCS
  • SendXMS command line parameter -t is now obsolete
  • no more support for old sendsms.* files, for old command line parameters and for old spool file parameters
  • new parameter NoKeepAlive in sendxms.pro to disconnect after <n> seconds of inactivity
  • new options Header and Footer in Visual-SendXMS
  • no more support for cfg file parameter Header and Footer
  • bug in communication with Bintec-CAPI fixed (only Windows)
  • support for some more optional SMPP 3.4 fields


  • support for MMS gateway of Whatever Mobile added (Protocol=SMEP [MMS])
  • support for WSP header fields X-Wap-Initiator-URI and PushFlag added
  • support for all 4 security mechanisms (NETWPIN, USERPIN, USERNETWPIN and USERPINMAC) in WAP/OMA Client Provisioning added
  • support for Whatever Mobile's MT Billing interface added
  • new parameter MessageMode (in provider definition and/or spool file) to support SMPP 3.4 parameter MessageMode and UCP 4.0 parameter SingleShot
  • bug in MIDI interpreter fixed
  • bug in SI compiler fixed (parameter action has been ignored)
  • some bugs with EMS encoding fixed
  • some optimisations for EMS and MMS added
  • memory usage optimized


  • bug in setup program fixed (device type GSM 07.05 has been ignored)
  • wrong interpretation of parameter AutoConnect corrected
  • BIND problem using SMPP 3.3 with a non permanent connection fixed


  • return code interpretation (using an executable as an userexit) corrected (only Unix, Linux)
  • some stupid log messages removed


  • new bug (since V6.10) in CAPI interface fixed


  • MMS support added (actually only by conVISUALs MMS gateway)
  • new chapters [Audio Mime Types], [Image Mime Types] and [Video Mime Types] in sendxms.cfg for use with MMS
  • support for c4b (CAPI for BSD) on FreeBSD and MacOS added
  • support for GIF files added to XMSConv


  • temp. test keys now again available
  • resource problem (only Windows) fixed
  • bug in decoding alphanumeric OAdC (GSM 07.05 only)
  • bug in calling userexit after receiving a message via a GSM device (CR/LF missing)


  • stack problem fixed (MacOS)
  • problem with reentrance ability fixed (specially with Solaris)
  • bug with CIMD transaction number fixed
  • parameter SpoolFileExtension (in sendxms.cfg) replaced by parameter SpoolFilePrefix (better performance)
  • bug in bookmark encoding (Nokia, Ericsson specification) fixed
  • bug (out of range) in reading RTX files fixed
  • bug in creating Midi file fixed


  • bug in licence verification fixed (SendXMS sometimes aborted with a 'invalid licence' message)
  • bug in SMPP machine (error in SMPP 3.3 specification) corrected
  • bug with thread handling using Digital Unix fixed
  • some minor optimizations


  • bug in setup program fixed


  • bug in SMPP engine fixed (sending binary data with UDH didn't work correctly)
  • support for IC3S <-> DAB Interface (T-Mobile Micropayment Platform) added
  • log file can now be rotated each hour or each day (use $h or $d inside the log file name)


  • new parameter MaxThroughput in sendxms.pro to limit the maximum throughput (required for some accounts)
  • bug with sending to a group file fixed
  • bug with running as a service fixed (only Windows)
  • bug with ES-201912 encoding fixed


  • support for coloured and gray scaled logos added to XMSConv (only .png and .mng files with EMS 5.0)
  • new parameter -XUserPin for XMSConv for use with WAP/OMA Client Provisioning
  • compiler for WAP Client Provisioning documents added to XMSConv (in Professional-Edition and higher)
  • compiler for OMA Client Provisioning documents added to XMSConv (in Professional-Edition and higher)
  • XMSConv parameter -FEMS indicates now EMS 5.x instead of EMS 4.x; use -FEMS4 for EMS 4.x
  • some problems with Extended Objects (EMS 5.0) fixed (polyphonic ringtones, vCards, vCalendar, ...)
  • bug with decoding SMPP MsgId (in Notifications) fixed
  • bug in png conversion fixed (if picture width is not a multiple of 8)
  • bug in OTA setting compiler fixed (wrong encoding for ISP Name, SMSC Address, USSD Service Code and GPRS access point name)
  • Visual-XMS saves images now as black and white (one bit instead of 24 bits per pixel)
  • iMelody version changed from 1.0 to 1.2 (because Sagem phones don't accept 1.0)
  • error in encoding alphanumeric oAdC (CIMD) fixed
  • handling of data coding scheme (DCS) using SMPP 3.4 changed to be conform to SMPP specification


  • new protocol flag SMPP[Transceiver] defined in sendxms.pro for SMPP 3.4 SMSC which only accept BIND_TRANSCEIVER
  • support for SMS for ISDN (ETSI ES 201 912 Protocol 2) added
  • compiler for MMS notifications (m-notification-ind) added to XMSConv (in Professional-Edition and higher)
  • SMPP support extended to version 3.4
  • new parameter HexDigits to force usage of lower case hex digits for binary messages
  • program will no more hang within an endless loop when an invalid UDH has been specified
  • support for Portable Network Graphics (PNG) added to XMSConv and Visual-XMS
  • support for Multiple-image Network Graphics (MNG) added to XMSConv and Visual-XMS
  • better support for UCS2


  • support for USER and PASSWORD for Remote-CAPI (Bintec extension) added
  • new parameters User and Password in the device definition in cfg-file added
  • compiler for Over The Air (OTA) Settings (WAP OTA Service Settings, Service Indication, Service Loading and SyncML Settings) added to XMSConv (in Professional-Edition and higher)
  • architecture changed to multithreading
  • support for asynchronous communication (windowing) added (better performance)
  • new parameter WindowSize in sendxms.pro to specify the max window size
  • for GSM protocol you can now specify PHONE=<SIM> in sendxms.pro for using the SMSC address which is stored within the used SIM card
  • all providers with PROTCOL=GSM removed from sendxms.pro and replaced with one with PHONE=<SIM>
  • HTML interpreter added to XMSConv (as input for text formatting)
  • problem with long UDH fixed (only 7-bit data with GSM 07.05)
  • Siemens OTA download now also possible with input formats other then midi or bitmap
  • status report problem for CIMD VSMSC fixed
  • support for alphanumeric oAdC added for CIMD
  • bug in en-/decoding extended objects (EMS 5.0) fixed
  • no more support for .nol and .ngg files


  • many minor bug fixes
  • support for O2 Germany (Viag Interkom) added
  • error in CIMD character conversion fixed
  • log file format modified (sorry)
  • invalid return codes for SMPP VSMSC fixed
  • compiler bit overflow fixed (only OS/2)
  • wrong paket size for Siemens OTA corrected (too much pakets have been generated)
  • new parameter DIRNAME in sendsms.pro to use a directory which is not named like the provider itself


  • new support for MNP added
  • bug in midi file converter fixed (wrong tone durations)
  • problem with '@' fixed
  • support for loop counter (RTX) added to XMSConv added
  • support for different melody styles (natural, continuous, staccato) added to XMSConv
  • first tone of RTTTL melodies has had sometimes a wrong scale


  • sales and support returned to BAI
  • character conversion problem fixed (some special characters caused (sometimes) core dump)
  • error in CIMD character conversion fixed
  • wrong paket size for Siemens OTA corrected (too much pakets have been generated)


  • problem with new local and remote IP address in userexit fixed
  • problem in XMSConv fixed when generating an EMS message and calling SendXMS directly (using -W)


  • userexit (cause=98, 99, 133, 134) contains now the local and remote IP address and port number within the fields adC and oAdC (only VSMSC-Edition)
  • deferred delivery (local) now also works with group files
  • SendSMS renamed to SendXMS with new domain www.sendxms.com
  • time stamps in the log file do now also contain microseconds
  • problem with max message length fixed (last 2 characters of message with only one segment has been truncated)
  • new parameter SOURCEADDRESS in sendxms.pro to select one of multiple available IP addresses (multiple network cards or virtual addresses)


  • support for EMS 5.0 added
  • additional cause code for userexit (100 = program reinitialized)
  • new parameter SaveToAdcSubdir in sendsms.pro to save received messages into a subdir for each adC (destination address)
  • problem with interpreting a relativ validity period fixed
  • internal format for Siemens OTA download changed
  • new parameters POWERON and POWEROFF in sendsms.cfg (device definition) to define a command to turn a GSM device on/off
  • new command line parameters -aPOWERON and -aPOWEROFF to turn a GSM device on/off
  • with the parameter ADDRESS (IP address of a provider) now also (optionally) a port number can be defined
  • support for SmartMessaging for TDMA added
  • new parameter network in sendsms.pro to specify the network system (GSM, TDMA, ...)
  • TAP support for VSMSC added
  • OIS support for VSMSC added
  • SMPP support for VSMSC added
  • new parameter ThrottledDelay in sendsms.pro to define a pause after a throttled error (only SMPP)
  • problem with missing .ctt files fixed
  • error in Sagem ringtone converter fixed


  • support for Mac OS added
  • KeepAlive protocol handling for UCP (now function 31 is used instead of a NACK) changed
  • problem with BIND to Viag (InterfaceVersion) fixed
  • problem (in V5.13) with binary messages using UCP fixed


  • support for billing Identifier (UCP 4.0) added
  • prototype for userexit parameter tariffClass changed from int to char* (because of UCP data type)
  • support for Siemens OTA download service added
  • length for filed localId enlarged
  • new parameter LOGMSGTEXT=0 in sendsms.cfg to suppress logging of whole message text
  • userexit logic for long SMS changed (parameter splitCount contains now additional information; new USEREXITVERSION)
  • problem when running as a service (Windows-NT only) fixed
  • stack problem for OS/2 version fixed
  • support for SMS for ISDN (ETSI ES 201 912) added
  • wrong interpretation of nlm files corrected
  • support for 16-bit reference numbers added
  • support for relative ValidityPeriod added
  • time format corrected (timezone offset is now in the format HHMM)
  • support for EMS animations also added to Visual-SMS


  • correction in starting child processes using Unix/Linux
  • multipart EMS messages can now also be received and reassembled


  • splitting information is no more removed from UDH when DONTREASSEMBLE is used
  • DEVICE=COMn (n >= 9) will now automatically be substituted with \.\COMn (only Windows)
  • removed final NULL char in SMPP to work with Ericsson SMSCs
  • problem with UCP and long messages (longer then 320 characters) fixed
  • support for EMS (Animations) added


  • support for EMS (iMelody, Pictures) added
  • value for command line parameter -q now always interpreted as seconds
  • interpretation of UCP time stamps corrected (year and day switched)
  • problem with Windows9x fixed (controlling child processes)
  • userexit is now also called when a connection has been opened or closed
  • bug with HEADER fixed


  • bug in SMSConv (couldn't call SendSMS) fixed
  • support for large operator logos (78x21) added
  • spool file name generation changed
  • problem with syslog (if message contains a % sign) fixed
  • bug with user group file fixed


  • bug in freeing memory fixed (only in server mode)
  • support for Sagem and Motorola ring tone format added
  • bug in decoding UCP timestamp fixed
  • new parameter CUD in sendsms.pro to specify the CallUserData for X.25/X.31 connections


  • new parameter splitCount for userexit (USEREXITVERSION=3)
  • bug in userexit (USEREXITVERSION=2) fixed (only Unix)
  • missing splitting information in parameter UDH for userexit fixed
  • problem with inverted bitmaps in SMSConv fixed
  • problem in coding/decoding special characters in alphanumeric originating addresses fixed
  • some more corrections in SMSConv (RTTTL interpreter)
  • bug in detecting a busy line with modems (voice mode) fixed


  • field to specify the originating address added to Visual-SMS
  • support for SMS-Professional (service of the German Telekom) added
  • problem with Unix CAPI fixed
  • new command line parameter -XServiceDesc to specify a ServiceDescription (only CIMD)
  • command line parameter -T replaced by -XTariffClass (only CIMD)
  • new parameter ServiceDescription for userexit (USEREXITVERSION=2)
  • support for Eicon X.25 cards also added for Linux
  • many corrections in SMSConv
  • new command line parameter -W for SMSConv to specify parameters for SendSMS; if specified SendSMS will be called automatically


  • new parameter SPOOLFILEEXTENSION in sendsms.cfg to define a specific extension for spool files
  • new parameter REGISTERNETWORK in sendsms.pro to define a command string to register a GSM device to a network
  • new parameter KEEPALIVE now also in sendsms.cfg (only for GSM devices)
  • new parameter DONTREASSEMBLE in sendsms.cfg to suppress reassembling of incoming long SMS
  • new TRANSTABLE format to support extended GSM character set
  • new parameter PROTOCOLVERSION in sendsms.pro
  • problem in using multiple GSM devices with different baud rates in server modes fixed
  • error in receiving binary messages with a GSM device corrected
  • error with ORIGINATINGADDR (only receiving with SMPP) corrected
  • new parameter PID for userexit (USEREXITVERSION=2)
  • new command line options -XPID= added to set the ProtocolIdentifier (as defined in GSM 03.40)
  • support for vCalendar and vCard added to SendSMS and SMSConv
  • MsgId in SMPP notification is now also returned in HEX format
  • some minor corrections for UCP notification requests
  • error in delete request (-aDELETE) with UCP fixed


  • one more bug in UCP session management fixed


  • error in controlling child processes corrected (only Unix, Linux)
  • unused file handles will now always be freed (only Windows)
  • returning invalid MsgId corrected (only UCP)
  • usage of originating address corrected (only UCP)
  • new parameter RECONNECTDELAY in sendsms.pro to force a delay between to connections to the same provider
  • support for alphanumeric originating address also for OIS and SMPP added


  • graphic editor for Visual-SMS added
  • protocol error for OIS fixed (incoming messages)


  • support for permanent connections added
  • new parameter DETACH in sendsms.pro to start one (or more) own process(es) for a provider with a permanent connection
  • new parameter USEREXITVERSION in sendsms.cfg to select the used userexit prototype
  • some (many) new parameters for the userexit
  • new parameter KEEPALIVE in sendsms.pro to check the connection and to disable automatic hang-up procedures
  • new command line parameter -F to request a status report (replaces-aCONFIRM)
  • new command line parameter -T to specify a tariff class (only CIMD)
  • interpretation of DataCodingScheme extended
  • support for UCS2 added
  • conversion utility added to read .bmp, .nol, .ngg, .otb, .gms, .nol, RTTTL and MIDI files
  • bug in using AUTOALERT with UCP fixed
  • bug in receiving empty messages (only GSM) fixed
  • bug in receiving messages using CIMD or OIS fixed
  • bug in RFC1086 fixed (invalid PID)
  • no more support for IRIX


  • the parameters MSGDELAY and WAITAFTERWRITE in sendsms.pro and sendsms.cfg can now be specified with a decimal point (delays < 1 second)
  • new parameter TIMEOFFSET in sendsms.pro to specify the offset (in minutes) of the local timezone to the one of the SMSC (only UCP and CIMD)
  • support for OIS (Sema SMS2000 Version 6.0)
  • support for action type DELETE and STATUS for GSM protocol added
  • new parameter PRIORITY in sendsms.pro to define a default priority for messages (should be set to 1 for Eplus large accounts)
  • new command line parameter -I to specify the priority of a message (0 (low) - 3 (high))
  • new command line parameter -G to specify a MsgId (required for deleting a message or for a status report request)
  • error in calculating the split count for long short messages corrected
  • using SMPP or OIS the phone number can now be specified in the form <ton>:<npi>:<phone>
  • error receiving binary messages (only SMPP) corrected
  • support for RFC1086 (TCP-X.25 bridge) added (e.g. Bintec routers)
  • support for Vielnutzerzugang of Scall, Skyper and CityRuf added (only Professional-Edition)
  • problem in TCP/IP name resolution corrected (only Windows (of cause))
  • error with TCP/IP connections corrected (sometimes there was a core dump after a connection error)
  • error in calling a userexit (only Windows) corrected (invalid parameter handling)
  • new parameter USEOTOA in sendsms.pro to turn on usage of OTOA (required for alphanumeric and international originating addresses; only UCP)
  • problem with using an Originatingaddress in international format with UCP corrected
  • parameter PREFIX in sendsms.pro extended, PREFIX=* indicates now that this provider will be responsible for all phone numbers
  • no more support for Linux (Mips)


  • additional cause code for userexit (-2 = hardware problem)
  • problem fixed when using multiple GSM devices
  • error in Visual-SMS (journal) fixed
  • reassembling of long short messages corrected
  • error in sending long short messages corrected
  • using modem protocol with CAPI 2.0 supports now also different bitrates, parities, ...


  • Visual-SMS displays now always the current message length
  • FreeBSD version now in ELF format
  • one more parameter for a userexit (count of seconds elapsed for the actual action (only the action itself, dialing and initialization is not included))
  • new parameters NOTIFICATIONADDRESS, NOTIFICATIONPID and NOTIFICATIONTYPE for use with confirmed delivery (only UCP[51]; not in Standard-Edition)
  • invalid handling of MAXMSG in server mode fixed
  • segmentation information in a given UserDataHeader will now be kept if -N is NOT specified
  • some minor corrections in the graphical front-end (Visual-SMS)
  • starting as a service and receiving messages works again (only WindowsNT)
  • error in decoding alphanumeric originators corrected (only GSM)


  • error in session management corrected (only UCP)
  • corrections in splitting binary large short messages


  • some corrections in the X.25 interface
  • new command line parameter -g to specify a group file name (replaces '@filename')


  • SendSMS-service now stopped on a shutdown (only WindowsNT)
  • some changes in sendsms.cgi because of mystic behaviour of MS IIS
  • new parameter SOURCEPORT in sendsms.pro to use a named socket for TCP/IP connections
  • new device type SERIAL in sendsms.cfg to communicate direct over a serial interface
  • support for X.25 added (at least for Windows with Eicon cards)
  • Linux-CAPI adapted to work with actual ISDN4LINUX version (march 2000) (return code for capi20_isinstalled has changed)
  • receive file format changed to spool file format
  • new parameter LONGDISTANCEPREFIX in sendsms.cfg to define a prefix for national long distance calls
  • new parameter COUNTRYCODE in sendsms.cfg (for example '+49' for Germany)
  • all phone numbers in sendsms.pro changed to international notation
  • support for binary messages (-tbinary) added
  • error in receiving CIMD messages corrected
  • support for alphanumeric OAdC (only UCP[51])
  • example userexit extended to demonstrate how easy it is to implement an WAP like server (for nonWAP capable phones)
  • error in example CGI-script corrected
  • new spooling mechanism which is more secure in high performance environments
  • new parameter LOGLEVEL in sendsms.cfg to define different levels for logging
  • new command line parameter -R to use Reply-Path-Request
  • new command line parameter -C to specify a message class (default is class 1; class 0 for immediate display)
  • no more support for DOS version


  • new parameter INTERNATIONALPREFIX in sendsms.cfg to define a sequence to substitute a leading '+' in a phone number
  • new parameter RCZEROIFOK in sendsms.cfg to force usage of Unix-like return code (0 if one or more messages have been sent)
  • problem accessing the SPOOLDIR fixed ('only' Unix)
  • support for TAPI added (only Windows)
  • Windows version generated with different compiler
  • Windows setup generated with new tool
  • new chapters [ALLOW] and [DENY] in sendsms.cfg to restrict usage to trusted people
  • new chapter [BLACKLIST] in sendsms.cfg to define phone numbers which shouldn't be used
  • error installing/deinstalling SendSMS as a service fixed (Windows only)
  • support for function keys in GUI
  • correction for sorting date column in GUI journal


  • journal in GUI can now be sorted by different columns
  • new command line parameter -P to specify a pid file
  • problem with sending voice messages (using a modem) fixed
  • new command line parameter -O to specify an originating address (only with Professional-Edition)


  • problem in SMPP protocol fixed (sending and receiving within one connection)
  • SendSMS again split into Standard-, Server- and Professional-Edition
  • CGI script moved to standard archives (no more extra download file)
  • Y2K problem fixed (ValidityPeriod)
  • first (beta) version of a graphical user interface (requires JRE 1.3) added
  • new chapter [SMSGUI] in sendsms.cfg for configuring the new graphical interface
  • new command line parameter -M to specify a message that starts with a '-'
  • command line parameter -X removed (use -V instead)
  • format for command line parameter -V changed (now the same format as for -S and -D is accepted)
  • new command line parameter -D added for using defered delivery of the provider
  • no more support for old 16-bit Windows (3.x)


  • HP-UX version now runs again on PA 1.1 systems
  • some corrections in CIMD protocol
  • interpretation of DSCTS corrected (UCP Delivery time stamp)


  • the return code for spooling messages is now although the count of spooled messages and no longer 0
  • problem in GSM-protocol with some data cards fixed
  • new parameter PUK in sendsms.cfg to specify the SIM PUK (only GSM devices)
  • CPU-load for CAPI-engine optimised (especially for UNIX)
  • Linux version adapted to work with the actual isdn4linux version (isdn4k-utils-1999-10-20)
  • pid format in logfile extended to 12 digits
  • three additional parameters for a userexit (used provider, used device and msgID)
  • calling method for a userexit changed (security hole under Unix fixed)
  • problem in GSM-protocol with Ericsson SH 888 (and maybe some other) fixed
  • new character translation table for EPlus
  • new protocol CIMD
  • new parameter USERID in sendsms.pro for use with CIMD and session management with UCP
  • support for MIPS based Linux
  • new protocol SMPP (3.3)
  • new parameters SYSTEMID, SYSTEMTYPE, ADDRTON, ADDRNPI and ADDRESSRANGE in sendsms.pro for use with SMPP
  • many new provider definitions (for example in USA, Italy, Portugal, Malaysia, Hongkong, Canada, ...)
  • new value CHGPWD for command line parameter -a to change the session password (only UCP)
  • new parameter USEUCP60 and UCP60PASSWORD in sendsms.pro to support session management with UCP protocol (function 60)


  • error in reading large spool files fixed
  • support for BINTECs RemoteCAPI also for 64-bit processors
  • once again a problem with GSM-devices in server mode fixed (worked only with MessageReference less than 100)
  • uninstall program for Windows added
  • support for shared-object CAPI20-library for LINUX added
  • support for userexit within a so-library added (only Unix)


  • problem with GSM-devices in server mode fixed
  • support for BINTECs RemoteCAPI added (Unix and OS/2; Windows works also with previous versions))
  • new parameters ADDRESS and PORT in sendsms.cfg to configure BINTECs RemoteCAPI
  • new DEVICETYPE "CAPI 2.0 (BINTEC)" in sendsms.cfg added
  • correction in time conversions (adjust daylight saving time)
  • default values for parameter PROTOCOLTIMEOUT increased
  • new protocol DTMF in sendsms.pro to support pager providers with DTMF-access (only CAPI and voice modem)
  • new parameter PLAYDTMF in sendsms.cfg to define the command to play a DTMF sequence with a voice modem
  • problem with AUTOCONNECT and AUTOALERT fixed (now also works for the first defined provider)
  • the phone number of the recipient can now contain the characters '-' and '/'
  • setup program modified to prevent installing to the working directory (not Windows)


  • new parameter BCHANNELINFO in sendsms.cfg for leased lines (only CAPI)
  • compatibility problem with D2 and UCP functions 30/51 fixed
  • new parameter VOICECOMPRESSION (sendsms.cfg chapter [Device] (only ALAW and ULAW, 8kHz, 1 channel, 8bit supported)
  • parameter VALIDITYPERIOD (sendsms.cfg) removed
  • command line parameter -V renamed to -H (show SendSMS version)
  • new command line parameter -V<validity period>
  • parameters UCPTIMEOUT, TAPTIMEOUT and GSMTIMEOUT (sendsms.cfg) removed
  • new parameter PROTOCOLTIMEOUT in sendsms.pro to specify different timeouts for every provider (if no timeout is defined a default will be used)
  • parameter REMOVEPREFIX (sendsms.pro) removed
  • new handling of parameter PREFIX in sendsms.pro extended, now the value for this parameter can have two parts, one to recognise the phone number (required) and a second optional (delimited with | to replace the given prefix
  • support for Viag Interkom (E2, Germany) added (only analog)
  • new parameter MSGDELAY in sendsms.pro and sendsms.cfg (chapter [Device]) to force a delay between two messages (only in server mode)
  • support for TCP/IP connections (LINETYPE=TCP; not in DOS version)
  • new parameter AUTOALERT in sendsms.pro to force submitting of an AlertRequest (check for incoming messages) every time the provider is handled by a SendSMS-server (only UCP)
  • new parameter AUTOCONNECT in sendsms.pro to automatically connect to a provider and wait for incoming messages every time the provider is handled by a SendSMS-server (only UCP) (difference to AUTOCONNECT is that there is no traffic on the line if there are no messages waiting)
  • meaning of parameter MAXMSG in sendsms.pro extended; now this parameter is also used to specify the max. count of messages to process until a server changes to the next provider
  • new command line parameter -i for Windows 3.x version to start SendSMS minimised
  • problem in handling multiple devices in server mode corrected


  • new protocol UUS (User-User-Signaling) added


  • default charset for WindowsNT, Windows9x changed from CP850 to ISO8859
  • support for X.31 added
  • new LINETYPE value added (ANALOG, ISDN or X.31)
  • new parameter TEI in sendsms.cfg to define the TEI to be used for X.31
  • new parameter USEDCHANNEL in sendsms.cfg to define whether X.31 should use the D- or a B-channel
  • new parameter X31CHANNELS in sendsms.cfg to define the in- and outgoing channels for X.31
  • new parameter PACKETLEN in sendsms.cfg to define the length of a X.31 data packet (default: 128)
  • new parameter WINDOWSIZE in sendsms.cfg to define the B3 window size for X.31 (default: 2)
  • userexit now called with the SMS in the original character set
  • parameter PDUWITHSCA in sendsms.cfg substituted by PDUWITHOUTSCA (conforming to GSM 07.05 the PDU has to be prefixed by SCA, also some modems (e.g. Siemens M1 and Falcom A1) require a PDU without SCA)
  • successfully tested with Siemens E10, S10 GSM phone
  • invalid parameter handling in calling a userexit corrected
  • SendSMS split in a normal and a Server-Edition
  • support for VoiceStream (USA) added
  • support for OPTIMUS (Portugal) added
  • support for TELECEL (Portugal) added
  • support for TMN (Portugal) added
  • problem with percent sign (%) in messages corrected
  • status request for SMSs added
  • deletion of submitted but not already delivered messages added
  • confirmed delivery added
  • new command line parameter -a added to select an action to perform (SEND, CONFIRM, RECEIVE, STATUS, DELETE)
  • AIM-extensions for TAP-protocol implemented
  • different UCP send-functions implemented; you can select between the functions 01 (UCP[01]; simple transfer function), 30 (UCP[30]; includes originator address and validity period) and 51 (UCP[51]; includes originator address and validity period)


  • support for AZCOM (USA) added
  • error in setup corrected (choice between Nokia Data Card/Suite/Card Phone and other was handled wrong)


  • the queue delay value (parameter -q) can now also be specified in seconds
  • new character translation table for TeleDanmark
  • new parameter PDUWITHSCA in sendsms.cfg (required for Nokia Data Card and Nokia Data Suite)
  • GSM-protocol now successfully tested with Nokia Data Suite, Nokia Data Card, Siemens M1, FALCOM A1 and Xircom credit card adapter (with Nokia mobile)
  • SMSC address now always enclosed in hyphens and appended by address type (GSM only)
  • if SendSMS is invoked from a httpd the output will always be converted to ISO-8859-1 (DOS, OS/2, WindowsNT, Windows95)
  • deferred sending of messages
  • new command line parameter -V to show only the version of SendSMS
  • all options (command line) are case sensitive now
  • error in protocol CITYRUF (MSGTYPE=TONE) fixed
  • support for PageOne (England) added
  • support for Telenor (Norway) added
  • userexit will now be executed under the real userid (instead of effective userid), so there is no longer a security hole if SendSMS belongs to root and a user calls it with a userexit (Unix only)
  • SendSMS-service can now only be (de-)installed from an administrator (NT only)
  • support for DTMF tones with CAPI 2.0 added
  • problem with semicolon in spooled messages fixed (messages have been truncated)
  • problem with setup.exe running under 4OS2 fixed (OS/2 only)
  • new parameter SIMPHONE to specify the phone number of a used SIM when the device doesn't support +CNUM command (GSM only)


  • output format for received messages changed
  • error in interpreting service center time stamp corrected (GSM only)
  • different data coding schemes (8 bit) added (GSM only)
  • error in provider definition D2_GSM2 (using a D2-SIM to send to D1) corrected
  • setup now also asks for the PIN (GSM only)
  • support for Linux CAPI (AVM) added
  • support for VodaFone (England) added
  • PRIORITY (sendsms.cfg) can now also be set for WindowsNT, Windows 9x


  • error in coding long PDUs corrected (GSM only)


  • new parameter device in sendsms.pro to force the usage of a specific device for a provider
  • error in calling a userexit (after receiving a message) corrected (invalid message text was given)
  • new protocol CITYRUF added, because the German telekom cancelled TAP-support for modem connections


  • SendSMS running as a service (WindowsNT only) will no longer be terminated when a user logs off
  • starting SendSMS as a service (WindowsNT only) the correct configuration file will be loaded
  • setup program for WindowsNT/9x now supports long filenames
  • workaround for error in Win95 API added (sending voice message)
  • severe error (WindowsNT only) corrected: when SendSMS runs as a service no more other SendSMS instances couldn't be started
  • userexit can now also be a function (-u<dll>@<function>) in a DLL (only WindowsNT and OS/2)
  • new parameter NAME in chapter [Device] (sendsms.cfg) to identify different devices
  • new command line option -d to preselect a specific device
  • parameter ISDNPHONE ([SendSMS]) substituted by parameter MSN ([Device]) (CAPI 2.0 only)
  • new command line option -m to specify the MSN to use (overrides setting from sendsms.cfg) (CAPI 2.0 only)
  • support for Telstra (Australia) added
  • flow control can now be specified within setup program
  • invalid setting of Rts/Cts-control corrected (only OS/2)
  • support for EPlus via ISDN added
  • GSM-protocol now successful tested with Siemens M1, FALCOM A1 and Xircom credit card adapter (with Nokia mobile)


  • new parameter XONXOFF in sendsms.cfg to enable/disable XON/XOFF-protocol
  • hang up after voice recording with Capi 2.0 works now


  • support for voice messages added (for voice modems and CAPI 2.0)
  • the parameter VALIDITYPERIOD can now also be specified in minutes
  • error in server mode (using CAPI 2.0) corrected (invalid bDataLen set)
  • error in UCP-function 51 corrected
  • error in accessing an already opened device corrected (OS/2 only)